By the time you board a plane, you’ve stood in line at security, paid too much for an airport sandwich, and fought for space just to sit down at the gate. After that, the flight staff can either turn your day around for the better, or push you over the edge. It’s good to know some of the airlines with the nicest and rudest flight attendants.

Best: Cathay Pacific Airways

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways ranked one of the best for flight staff in on a article, and on, most reviewers give at least a score of seven out of 10, with many giving a solid 10 out of 10. The staff is said to be efficient, friendly, and does what it can to make up for any inconveniences.

Worst: Spirit Airlines

According to several reviews on, when Spirit airlines flights are delayed (which reportedly happens often), the flight staff offers a $7 food voucher. Of course, in an airplane or airport, $7 might get you a granola bar. Staff offers very little information, if any, on why flights are delayed and rarely apologizes for any inconvenience. The airline is based in Florida.

Best: Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia airlines was also rated one of the best on, and on received several reviews of six out of 10 or higher, with travelers reporting the staff responds to requests promptly and happily, and checks up on passengers regularly to see if they need refreshments.

Worst: Air Canada

According to, an Airfarewatchdog survey that polled more than 3,000 frequent flyers found that Air Canada has some of the rudest flight staff. Reviewers on say the flight staff is unaccommodating when it comes to serving economy class and fails to communicate why flights are delayed.

Best: EVA Air

One passenger told the Taiwanese airline EVA Air’s staff is “delightful and polite.” Reviewers on report the staff is attentive, hardworking, and treats every passenger request from small to large with respect.

Worst: Frontier Airlines

Denver, U.S.-based Frontier was another airline that got bad ratings on the Airfarewatchdog survey, according to And on, travelers complained that flights are often delayed at the last minute and the airline does not help passengers find another airline to fly on, sometimes forcing them to wait several days for the next flight on Frontier.

Best: Singapore Airlines

One traveler told the service is “authentic” aboard Singapore airlines. Most reviewers gave the airline at least a score of six out of 10, referencing the children’s materials and snacks the flight attendants are happy to give out, and the flight attendant’s willingness to help passengers find a more suitable seat after takeoff.

Worst: United Airlines

According to, Chicago-based United Airlines often makes passengers pay for new tickets on their own if a flight is delayed and passengers need a different flight. One passenger could not get a refund when a medical emergency came up, even after proof from a doctor. The airline is also known for hidden fees, which customer service representatives take pains to cover during phone calls with passengers.

Best: Qatar Airways

One satisfied traveler raved to about the cotton pajamas provided on Qatar Airways, saying he had “never been so well treated.” reviewers say the staff is efficient, courteous, and greets passengers by name. The cabin manager is known to come through and introduce him or herself to frequent flyers, too.

Worst: AirTran

Several reviewers on reported that Dallas-based AirTran is bad at communicating to passengers why flights are delayed, or why passengers have to wait a long time to de-board. It has a reputation for boarding large planes, making passengers sit on the runway for several hours with no updates on what the holdup is, before finally having everyone de-board to sit through another extended layover.

Best: Virgin America

The Virgin Group makes a point of making their cabins warm and upbeat, through their use of colors, fun little travel packages and quirky/modern safety videos. Their staff is no different, and was recently named one of the airlines with the friendliest staff in North America by the World Airline Awards.

Worst: American Airlines

A recent poll done by found that American Airlines has some of the rudest flight attendants. The poll does note that larger carriers tend to get these ratings, since surveys can poll from larger groups.

Best: Thai Airways

Thai Airways recently won the Best Airline Staff Service in Asia Award. The company gets consistently high reviews on with many customers noting the staff is friendly even when in a hurry. Some staff still accompanies passengers to their seats.

Worst: Allegiant

Allegiant has spurred a number of articles detailing negative incidents with the flight staff. Several passengers have complained the flights are frequently delayed and staff isn’t helpful in making the time pass easier. There have also been a handful of reviews in which people with disabilities were not treated with respect.

Best: Southwest

You may wonder where Southwest makes cost cuts, since their tickets are so cheap, but it’s likely not in their staff’s salary. says the airline is one of the only that can still be called “perky” and they got only a 1% rude vote in an survey.


Ryanair inspired a website called and the published a report on the worst UK airlines, listing Ryanair at the top. Even though the site says British travelers tend to be willing to travel to remote airlines and travel in no-frills cabins to get to their destinations, Ryanair was still voted the least liked.

Best: All Nippon Airways recently named All Nippon one of the top 5 airlines in the world. The airline is the largest international carrier in Japan and got almost perfect scores in the safety, service and cleanliness departments. World Airline Awards named the airline number six in terms of cabin service.

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