Africa will be a $29 trillion economy by 2050, according to Renaissance Capital chief economist Charles Robertson. With a landscape evolving that welcomes entrepreneurs and foreign investment, people need to know how to scout out good employees in Africa.
DHL was recently voted one of the Top Employers of 2015 by the Top Employers Institute. Chevron is one of the largest foreign oil industry employers on the continent. We’ve looked at these companies to see how they attract and keep great employees in Africa.

1. Provide training programs

According to DHL personnel, offering on-the-job training and development programs is important for attracting employees who hope to move up in the company. In a survey by EY professional services firm, 67 percent of companies that responded said that offering development programs is their most powerful way to keep good employees.

2. Offer international mobility

Allowing employees to see a clear future within a company is crucial. Providing international mobility is very attractive to ambitious employees.

3. Offer good benefits

In a survey by EY professional services firm, most companies that responded ranked a good benefits package as the fifth most-important factor in attracting good employees, and the third most important in keeping them. The country manager of DHL in Malawi said, “A good benefit package gives employees a sense that the company cares and appreciates their hard work.”

4. Offer housing

Chevron is offering housing loan assistance to employees at its Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd. unit in Angola.

5. Offer scholarships

Chevron Angola offers scholarships to potential employees who are already in their third, fourth or fifth year of education in the applicable fields. The company helps fund students in universities in and outside Angola.

6. Offer family benefits

Chevron Angola offers a family allowance, a Christmas allowance, and even scholarships for the children of employees. Chevron South Africa offers career ladder programs for families that have multiple wage earners.

7. Offer internships

Chevron Angola offers around two-to-three-month internships to potential employees so they can gain hands-on experience.

8. An involved manager

The country manager of DHL in Kenya, Alan Cassels, says that employees want to feel a part of the company’s overall goals, and they want to feel informed. “This is achieved through open-minded managers being close to their teams and showing that they really care what employees think,” Cassels said.

9. Access to networks

Chevron in South Africa provides employees with access to useful networks like the Black Employee Network, the XYZ Network and the Women’s Network.

10. Constant feedback and answers

Both DHL and Chevron make a point of creating a communicative environment. DHL said, “Employees should be able to ask anything they want without fear of retribution. They may not always like the answers, but they should feel free to ask, and can expect an explanation if the answer is ‘no’.” Chevron South Africa lists constant feedback as a part of its career support development.

11. Giving back to the community

Chevron of South Africa has several volunteer programs in several communities, showing their employees that they care about enhancing their hometowns.

12. Challenging employees

Head of DHL Mauritius, Rahman Bholah, emphasized that employees want to feel challenged and stimulated.

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