There is noted improvement of 10.8 per cent in the overall results of the national Form Four examinations held last year, with 10 privately owned schools stealing the spotlight.

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) Executive Secretary, Dr Charles Msonde said yesterday when announcing the results that whilst the pass mark had increased, there were 73,832 students from the overall 297,365 candidates  who had failed.
“Of the total number of candidates who sat for the examinations, those who registered for them as school candidates were 139,400 girls equivalent to 46.88 per cent and 157,965 boys or 53.12 per cent,” he said.
Dr Msonde said that the examinations were conducted in three groups, school candidate of the 244,902 who were registered and 244,410 sat for the examinations and private candidates of which 52,463 candidates registered and 47,837 actually sat for the exams.
The third group was those sitting for qualifying tests and out of the 14,714 who were registered, 12,316 candidates sat which is equivalent to 83.68 per cent.
The top ten best performing schools are Kaizirege-(Kagera), Mwanza Alliance-(Mwanza), Marian Boys-(Pwani), St.Francis Girls-(Mbeya), Abbey-(Mtwara), Feza Girls-(Dar-es-salaam), Canossa-(Dar-es-salaam), Bethel Sabs Girls-(Iringa), Marian Girks-(Pwani) and  Feza Boys-( Dar-es-salaam).
The worst performing schools include Manolo (Tanga), Chokocho (Pemba), Kwaluguru (Tanga), Relini (Dar-es-salaam), Mashindei-(Tanga), Njelekele Islamic seminary-(Kigoma), Vudee-(Kilimanjaro), Mnazi-(Tanga), Ruhembe-(Morogoro) and Magoma-(Tanga).
Dr Msonde said that there were a number of students who passed with distinction from both sexes led by Nyakayo I Marungu (Baobab Secondary School-Pwani), Eltoni S Jacob (Feza Boys-Dar-es-salaam), Samweli Adam (Marian Boys-Pwani), Faines Mwakisimba (St Francis Girls-Mbeya), Mugisha Lukambuzi (Bendel Memorial-Kilimanjaro), Paul Jijimya (Marian Boys-Pwani), Angel Mcharo (St Francis Girls-Mbeya), Atuganile Jimy  (Canossa-Dar-es-salaam), Jenifa L Mcharo (St Francis Girls-Mbeya) and  Mahmoud Bakili (Feza Boys- Dar-es-salaam).
“These, like all other examinations, were conducted in accordance with rules and regulations as per the laws of the country and a contributing factor to the encouraging results,” he noted.
“I call upon parents and guardians to work with the government on stressing on the importance of education to reduce the number of students who fail in secondary schools. I believe the results reflect government efforts in improving education,” he further said. 
He also noted that 42 students failed to sit for the examinations due to personal problems and another 184 whose results were nullified after being found guilty of malpractices.

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